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Tornado in USA: Tornado kills many in Texas

Tornado in USA: Tornado kills many in Texas

Status: 06/16/2023 2:37 pm

Dead, Injured, Devastated Streets: A tornado hits a small town in Texas and causes severe damage. A hurricane is the front of a massive storm.

A tornado devastates the small town of Perryton, Texas, injuring dozens of people. At least three people died last night (local time) when a tornado tore through the town in north Texas near the Oklahoma border, Perryton Fire Chief Paul Dutcher told US media. Up to 100 people were admitted to local hospitals with injuries. The American Red Cross also set up an emergency shelter in the hall.

According to Dutcher, the storm also hit the RV park. At least 30 caravans were damaged or destroyed as the storm passed. Firefighters pulled people out of the wreckage in the evening. First responders from surrounding areas and neighboring Oklahoma rushed to Perryton.

A tornado destroyed entire streets in the small town of Perryton, Texas.

Emergency assistance to Berriton

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced a rapid emergency response for Perryton. He is praying for those affected by that “terrible storm,” Abbott wrote on Twitter. “Texas is ready to provide additional resources to protect our communities.”

475,000 people are without electricity

The center of the small town of about 8000 people is in ruins. Two buildings containing shops were extensively damaged. The storm pushed a minibus against the outer wall of the theater. After the hurricane passed, people used the last hours of daylight to climb through broken windows. Power was out across the city, spokesman Chris Samples said from radio station KXDJ-FM. The transmitter is powered by emergency power only.

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A total of about 475,000 people were without power in the morning in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma, according to the website. At first there was talk of nearly 50,000 people.

Also tornado and severe weather warning

Texas Governor Greg Abbott instructed the State Emergency Management Agency to provide all necessary support to the stricken region. Dutcher told ABC News that there was significant damage north and east of Perryton, with radio towers down.

Meteorologist Luigi Maccariello said information on the storm’s size or wind speed was not initially available. On Thursday evening, a weather front moved southeast across neighboring Oklahoma. The weather service is expecting more storms across the state and parts of Texas. Northwest Ohio also experienced hail and other potential tornadoes. For the second day in a row, severe storms lashed parts of the United States.