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Totally slight due to wildfires in Sardinia - the world -

Totally slight due to wildfires in Sardinia – the world –

Support from France and Greece from the air
© APA / AFP / Fire Brigade

In the fight against the fire on the Italian island of Sardinia, the fire brigade carefully gave everything. The emergency services announced on Twitter on Tuesday that the situation was under control and improving. The forests were mainly burned on the island, and some buildings were also affected. She added that five firefighting planes were in the air and several firefighters on the ground.

France and Greece supported the Italians with two planes to fight the fire. On Tuesday, the Civil Protection predicted a moderate fire risk across Sardinia.

For a few days, fires were blazing in western Sardinia in the province of Oristano. An estimated 20,000 hectares of land were burned. Hundreds of people had to leave their homes. According to La Repubblica, the damage is likely to be in the range of three million. The Sardinian government has announced that it will shorten aid measures so that citizens and businesses can get support faster to repair the damage.

Locals said the smell of burning in the air was everywhere. Fire and smoke can also be seen from the beach – even from popular tourist spots. The Coldiretti Agricultural Society spoke of a “disaster” and great damage to agriculture. Reforestation is likely to take up to 15 years. The heat and drought favored the fires.

Several politicians in Italy have expressed their solidarity with the people of Sardinia via Twitter. According to ANSA news agency, the head of the right-wing Lega party said he would write to Prime Minister Mario Draghi so that Sardinia would receive the money immediately.

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