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tragic!  The young astropop musician died suddenly

tragic! The young astropop musician died suddenly

The astropop scene is sad because Manuel C. Bach was very popular and appreciated there.

There is great sadness in the Austropop scene because one of its representatives, Manuel C. Pasch, born in Graz, died suddenly at an early age.

“The Vienna Project mourns the loss of Manuel Christophe Bacchi, who is only 37 years old (Note: His birthday was September 11) He ascended to the musical sky. He was a reliable, likeable and kind man – always up for a joke. Unfortunately, the music scene has declined again Very good and diverse musicians have become poorer. Our condolences to his family and all his friends,” the Vienna Project writes on Facebook.

The musician moved to Vienna at the age of seven, where he entered a secondary music school. There he not only learned guitar, but also practiced drums, saxophone and piano.

He has already played on stage at major festivals such as Nova Rock, Frequency and Donauinselfest.

Manuel C. Pasch also gained international experience when he toured China with the Styrian band Iggy Stone & The Alpenrocker in 2014.

together with Christian (Reggie) Regachnig He founded the dialect group “EhSchoDerrisch”.

In February 2023, Patchi released his latest single “Sehnsucht”.

On May 23, the musician's friends and companions will bid farewell at a tribute concert in Casablanca, Vienna.

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