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“Transformers One”: Animation with Chris Hemsworth and Johansson

“Transformers One”: Animation with Chris Hemsworth and Johansson

transformers Endless: The alien robots have proven their versatility in seven films and raced across the screen in a wide range of vehicle models. Now it is Movie No. 8 In sight, the title “Transformers One” Must wear. This looks just like that prefix From all introductions.

In fact, the work was scheduled before all the previous films, and on top of that it will be one Animated film Represent. The plot is at least roughly known: The Young Optus Prime And Megatron Form an alliance against arch enemies on their home planet Cybertron.

Famous sounds and farewell to Peter Cullen

What might make newcomers of “Transformers” sit up and take notice are these Sounding name In the cast list, which we “Hollywood Reporter” Approves. Our ears hear the following stars in the original version: Chris Hemsworth talking optimus prime, Brian Thierry Henry He lends his voice to Megatron when he becomes Elita-One Scarlett Johansson Committed and Keegan Michael Key It becomes pretentious. Further completion Jon Hamm (Ranger Prime) and Laurence Fishburne (Alpha Trion) Special Cast. the direction takes over Oscar winner Josh Cooley (“Toy Story 4”) We'll be excited to see how this animated chapter of the long-running “Transformers” series will end.

However, the filmmakers can get a minus point from audiences up front, because it guarantees that it will not receive general approval. Familiar speakers Peter Cullen replacing had become. After all, the Canadian voice actor has been the original voice of Optimus Prime in countless films since 1984 Animated series and video games.

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When does 'Transformers One' start showing in our cinemas?

Fans will have to be patient a little longer: a “Transformers One” movie is supposed to happen. End of 2024 In the Cinemas Come.