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Travelers in the USA get passport control – now they need to take control

Passport Fox Pass in New York

Travelers enter the United States without passport control

Today, April 7, 2023 | 08:55

Passports go awry at New York’s JFK Airport: There, some passengers on a Norwegian Atlantic Airways flight entered the United States without passport control. How this happened is being investigated.

Immigration to the US can be strict and nerve-wracking. At least for travelers without a US passport. Often there are only a few counters, leading to long waiting times. Homeland Security officials check each entry individually. In suspicious cases, entry may take a few hours or be denied.

The incident that took place last Tuesday (April 4th) at Terminal 7 of New York’s JFK Airport is quite surprising. Some passengers on Norse Atlantic flight N0301 from Paris were directed through the terminal to exit the airport building early instead of going through passport control.

Travelers enter the United States without passport control

Norse emailed concerned passengers the next day, asking them to return to the airport to complete the immigration process. aeroTELEGRAPH has received the email.

The airline confirmed the incident to Aerotelegraph. A spokesman said when asked: “A small number of customers who have not cleared US immigration have been contacted directly regarding this matter.” The spokesperson said the airline is investigating how the problem arose.

How did the Passport Fox arrive at New York’s JFK Airport?

The New York airport has not yet responded to the authors’ request. Experts believe that wrong gate allocation is the reason. International flights arrive at specific gates linked to the immigration area.


Another possibility is that the ground staff opened the wrong door that didn’t lead to the immigration area. Investigations should clarify why only some passengers did not make it.

This article was written by Benjamin Reglies

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