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Treatment of disturbing noise in the ear

Treatment of disturbing noise in the ear

did you try it before? That annoying whistling, ringing, hissing, or whistling in your ears that you only notice yourself as an infected person. buzz Sometimes it happens suddenly Or it sneaks up almost unnoticed at first. It is important to find the right treatment for you.

What helps treat tinnitus?

First of all, it is important to know what tinnitus is, not only in appearance, but also The causes and treatment of annoying ringing in the ears vary from case to case. It is very important to start appropriate treatment as soon as the first symptoms appear, because experts talk about chronic tinnitus after only three months.

But what can you as the affected person do if an annoying noise suddenly appears in your ears? ways of tinnitus preventive or curativeThe h to be faced is varied and always based on individual circumstances as well as other current transaction. There is no suitable direct medication currently known for the chronic form of ringing in the ears. So here comes an example Behavioral therapy In a pinch to facilitate the handling of tones that are constantly available.

But it probably doesn’t have to be a long-term cycle. What are the appropriate measures to reduce the risk of tinnitus and what can help if the disturbing noise continues?

behavior for prevention

Up to 15 percent of all adults experience tinnitus at least once in their lives. So it is important to do this before any necessary treatment as well Preventative measurements to take into account. Tinnitus often occurs when sensory cells in the inner ear are damaged by loud ambient noise. This noise exposure can happen suddenly, as in the case of an explosion, or over a period of time, as in workplaces with loud machinery. So what can you do to prevent tinnitus? Whenever possible, avoid excessive background noise or wear hearing protection.

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Effective prevention of tinnitus also includes treatment of various underlying diseases, which primarily affect the area around the head, ears, and jaw. To grind your teeth Or do you often suffer from middle ear infections? Do you sometimes feel dizzy or does your daily life come with hectic stress and stress? Then you will actually find the starting points in these points when it comes to preventing tinnitus and finding help to clear up the various symptoms.

Treatment of acute tinnitus

If you are experiencing the annoying symptoms of tinnitus, it is important to get help quickly to stop the chronic symptoms to prevent progress. If tinnitus occurs in an acute form, treatment is the same as for sudden hearing loss and you will usually get it first Anti-inflammatory medications and decongestants. Saline injection also contributes to the initial treatment of tinnitus, which is then replaced by symptomatic and etiological measures.

Help with chronic tinnitus

But maybe you are one of those people whose daily life is hectic and you may notice the first symptoms, but not seriously enough. This is how tinnitus persists for a longer period of time and goes untreated. The big difficulty here is that with chronic ringing in the ears it’s often just a matter of things Improve symptom management Thus reducing the level of suffering. So how to answer the question “What helps treat chronic tinnitus?”

Behavioral therapy is the top priority here, but relaxation methods, music therapy, and listening training are also reasonable alternatives for treating chronic tinnitus. Acupuncture, nutritional supplements and devices, which in turn create subliminal background noise Thus distracting from the tones in your head. It is crucial to proceed individually and find as accurately as possible help that is effective for your current tinnitus and in your daily life.

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Ask yourself what you can do when you notice the first signs of tinnitus, then only the answer can be Individually Fail, because public statements are hardly possible here. If you suspect tinnitus, don’t be afraid to seek medical clarification and seek help as soon as possible.