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Troubled romantic comedy 'Made in Vienna' » Leadersnet

Troubled romantic comedy 'Made in Vienna' » Leadersnet

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| April 16, 2024

Kat Rohrer's debut feature film “What A Feeling” with leading actresses Caroline Peters and Broshat Madani celebrated its premiere at the Vienna Gartenbakkino.

Following well-received screenings at Diagonale, Kat Rohrer's first feature film, What A Feeling, starring Caroline Peters and Brochat Madani, is now celebrating its Vienna premiere. The romantic comedy revolves around love between cultures and norms. At the center of the tornado of love are 50-something Marie-Thérèse, played by Caroline Peters, and Va, played by Broschat Madani. The cinema will be released across Austria on April 19.

Popularity among the public at Gartenbaukino

The premiere was attended by the film's team, led by director Kat Rohrer, including Caroline Peters, Broshat Madani, Raphael Haider, Heiko Deutschmann, Anton Nouri, Petra Murzi, Barbara Spitz, Ines Kratzmüller, and Allegra Tenefeld. Anneliese Rohrer, Birgit Wendrell and Virginia Ernst were among those in attendance at the Gartenbueckenau
Yasmine “Yasmine” Hafez, Markus Freestatter, Sona McDonald, Marina Lakovic and Kim Dodi Platz.

leadersnet He was on site during the premiere, and photos can be found here and here.

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