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Trump calls fellow party great a 'son of a bitch'

Trump calls fellow party great a ‘son of a bitch’

Former US President Donald Trump insulted his powerful party leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, at a meeting with donors and top Republican politicians. As US media reported on Sunday, Trump told representatives of the party leadership on Saturday at his luxury resort, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida that McConnell was “a stupid” and “an icy loser.” According to one participant, he described McConnell “the son of a bitch.”

Accordingly, he deviated from the hadith of Isha and used the last expression. McConnell angered Trump by admitting that today US President Joe Biden was the election winner and Trump was voted on, while Trump is still speaking without evidence of a fraudulent election.

Personal attack

According to reports, Trump took more time in his speech to attack McConnell and other Republicans personally than he did against the Democrats Biden succeeded him. Although he called his party to unite after the defeat in the presidential elections and the loss of the majority in the Senate. But he went on claiming for no reason that he won the November election.

McConnell – the Republican majority leader until January and then the Senate minority leader – has long been an important ally of Trump in Congress. After the Capitol was stormed on January 6 by supporters at the instigation of Trump, the powerful decision-maker clearly distanced himself from Trump and made the then president jointly responsible for the violence.

Dismissal procedures

In the impeachment process against Trump in the Senate for violence in and inside the Capitol, McConnell voted to acquit the former president. But he then said that Trump was undoubtedly “practically and morally responsible” for the storming of the Capitol.

In his speech, Trump also attacked McConnell’s wife Ellen Chow, who was transportation secretary during his tenure but resigned after a Capitol storm. Trump said of McConnell: “I named his wife. Has he ever thanked you?” Then he mocked the resignation of Chaos.

Disappointed in penny

Trump also said he was “disappointed” with then-Vice President Mike Pence when he refused to block official confirmation of Biden’s victory in the Senate.

McConnell was absent from the Mar-a-Lago event. According to the Washington Post, he has told advisers that he has not spoken to Trump in months and will never do so again.

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