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Trump Real Estate Group - Former CFO Confess to Crimes - Economy

Trump Real Estate Group – Former CFO Confess to Crimes – Economy

The former Trump Organization chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, admitted in a New York court that he used former President Donald Trump’s company to evade taxes. The 75-year-old answered numerous questions from Judge Juan Merchane several times with “Yes, your honor,” as US media reported unanimously from the courtroom. Accordingly, he pleaded guilty to a total of 15 counts – including conspiracy, tax fraud, grand theft and forgery of business documents.

With his guilty plea, the top manager agreed to an agreement in criminal proceedings in order to avoid a prison sentence of up to 15 years. In return, Weisselberg must testify against the company at trial if the attorney general wants to be subpoenaed, but not against Trump himself. .

“In one of the most difficult decisions of his life, Mr Weisselberg today decided to plead guilty to put an end to this case and the years of legal and personal nightmares it has caused him and his family,” said his attorney, Nicholas Gravante. Son according to media reports.

The Weisselberg case is a byproduct of the criminal investigation into Trump himself that the Manhattan attorney general’s office began three years ago and continues. It concerns, among other things, the accusation that the real estate group has manipulated its balance sheets for years in order to systematically defraud banks, insurance companies and tax authorities. New York Attorney General James is also investigating the same matter under civil law against the former president. But in last Wednesday’s poll, Trump exercised his right to remain silent. The Democrat accused James of interrogating him for political reasons. Weisselberg’s lawyers argue similarly. They claim that their client should only appear in court because he has been in the service of a politically undesirable businessman for decades. Additionally, the New York State Court could not hear a case in which the IRS was the alleged aggrieved party. sequel follows.

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