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TruthGPT as an attack on ChatGPT: Elon Musk’s AI searches for the ‘ultimate truth’

TruthGPT as an attack on ChatGPT: Elon Musk’s AI searches for the ‘ultimate truth’

In March, Tesla chief Elon Musk launched a campaign in the media to slow down the pace of development of artificial intelligence. So now, a few weeks later, he’s announced his entry – once again – into the development of artificial intelligence.

In times when more and more voices are fighting for the regulation of artificial intelligence, Musk is proclaiming “the extremes of artificial intelligence in the search for truth.” So AI should be the “ultimate truth-seeking”. The idea of ​​TruthGPT was officially announced during a Interviews with Fox News host Tucker Carlson. An interesting choice, as many opinions are allowed at this point, when it comes to the search for the truth.

Elon Musk with Tucker Carlson (Fox News)

In any case. In any case, Musk is all about offering a “third option” – which works in tandem with two of the big AI entrepreneurs, OpenAI and Google, and in any case brings “good than harm”. At the same time, Musk isn’t even trying to hide his displeasure with OpenAI. So just about the company that made the widespread hype surrounding AI with the release of ChatGPT in November 2022.

ChatGPT: “Practice lying”

OpenAI teaches ChatGPT to “lie,” Musk says of the company he co-founded in 2015. Just three years later, there was a break and Musk walked off the board. a Report from “Semaphore” He points out that Musk wanted to acquire OpenAI at the time because it was “so far away from Google”. Current OpenAI head Sam Altman and other co-founders saw things differently and blocked the impulsive Musk, who later left OpenAI in conflict. Today, Microsoft is considered the most influential owner of an artificial intelligence specialist.

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Another background to Musk’s criticism: Once again, the Tesla boss sees it as an attack on freedom of speech. ChatGPT has been truncated for politically correct answers. And that’s not being honest, says Musk.

However, there is little to no TruthGPT itself. But: at least it’s a shell company named X.AI Corp. Musk registered in the US state of Nevada last month. The Tesla driver is also said to have poached potential Google employees. On the investor side, Musk is said to be looking for well-known names from Tesla or SpaceX. Last but not least, Musk has already acquired an impressive number of Nvidia graphics processors to boost AI development in-house.

TruthGPT and see the universe

For now, Elon Musk prefers to continue working at the meta level. And he confirms his reservations about shared artificial intelligence. Musk says this has the “potential to destroy civilization.” With TruthGPT, of course, everything should be different. Primarily because the solution must better understand the larger contexts.

“It is unlikely that an artificial intelligence that seeks to understand the universe will wipe out humanity because we are an interesting part of the universe,” Musk says. Well, nothing can go wrong. Even so: there is still at least one small thing that could change. And she is the name. Anyway, OpenAI applied for Already in December Trademark right for “GPT”.