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Turkey stopped trade with Israel – US ban on Russia…

Turkey stopped trade with Israel – US ban on Russia…

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US bans Russian entrepreneurs in Vienna: Sergej M., who officially handles transportation consulting and beauty consulting in Vienna, is said to have defied US sanctions against the Russian military-industrial complex. He did so by delivering “hundreds of microelectronics shipments” to St. Petersburg via Hong Kong. More on this.

Turkey freezes trade with Israel: Turkey has suspended all trade with Israel following Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip. The Turkish Trade Ministry said the measures will be implemented until Israel allows unhindered humanitarian aid to Gaza. More on this.

Austria's press freedom is on the wane: In the Reporters Without Borders index, the Alpine republic ranks 32nd this year, ahead of Moldova and Mauritania – for several reasons. More on this.

The Quest for Three Billion Euros: The OECD and the Finance Ministry expect new debt to be between 2.8 and 2.9 percent of GDP this year. However, the Finance Council has projected a deficit of 3.4 percent. Where does the three billion euro difference come from? More on this.

Poverty alleviation program instead of election program: In their programs before the National Council elections, the parties promote plans for economic recovery. But these, he writes, lack a truly realistic plan for funding Joseph Ursitz on its balance sheet. More on this.

Russia responsible for cyber attack on SPD: A unit of the military intelligence service GRU reportedly hacked the email accounts of an SPD party executive. Germany announces its consequences. NATO is deeply concerned about “hostile activities”. More on this.

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