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Two cases of monkeypox appeared in the UK

Two cases of monkeypox appeared in the UK

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While the country is on hold due to the delta type of coronavirus, two cases of monkeypox have now emerged in the UK.

The coronavirus poses significant challenges to health systems in many countries. Two other cases of monkeypox that are currently being treated in Great Britain have now been reported.

How are cases handled?

The UK health service is taking the two cases of monkeypox that surfaced in North Wales very seriously. Richard Firth, who advises the Welsh Health Services on health issues, told BBC:

We worked with colleagues from various services, taking into account all the verified protocols, and thus identified all contacts. As a result, steps have been taken to reduce the possibility of further infections.

The specialist explains that this disease is very rare in Great Britain and that the danger to the general public is very limited. So there is no comparison to the coronavirus.

What are the symptoms?

It is a disease that has spread from animals to humans. In most cases, the course of the disease is mild, but monkeypox is rarely life-threatening.

Symptoms include fever and headache, as well as muscle aches, back pain, and swollen glands.

Patients also complain of chills and fatigue. The condition begins with a rash, and the red spots turn into fluid-filled bumps.

How contagious is monkeypox?

Monkeypox is not a highly contagious viral disease. Infection can occur if you touch the patient’s clothing, bed linen, or towels.

However, it is also possible for the infection to be transmitted through coughing and sneezing. Monkeypox can easily be confused with chickenpox. Therefore, experts are required to accurately identify them.

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The emphatic confirmation of the monkeypox case is accompanied by a comprehensive identification of all persons who come into close contact with the person concerned.

Contact identification has proven to be very effective in preventing the spread of this disease. This looks good in the face of an epidemic!

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