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UEFA Champions League - PSG vs RB: RBL is "too naive" against Messi and Mbappe

UEFA Champions League – PSG vs RB: RBL is “too naive” against Messi and Mbappe

RB Leipzig faces the end of the Champions League. After losing narrowly to Paris Saint-Germain, the runners-up swung between disappointment and pride.

Jesse Marsh, disappointed, snuck across the grass at Paris’s Prinzenpark stadium and praised the fans who traveled with them before the Leipzig coach more or less fulfilled the dream of the Champions League round of 16. “I don’t know if it is impossible, but it is very difficult,” the coach said after stumbling 2:3 (1:1) defeat by Paris Saint-Germain And the famous double player Lionel Messi.

Even Marsh laughed a little, with a bit of gallows humor, a third defeat in a first-class match was easier to bear. Even with the Unloved Solace corrected, things are now too tight for the absurd. “The Europa League still has to be a target, but we also have to fight for that position,” said Marsh. In Group A, there is Club Brugge with four points.

Leipzig: Little hope for a football miracle

PSG and Manchester City are unlikely to be surpassed by seven, six points and their level of play. “You have to make sure you win the remaining three matches. Without points, you can’t talk about progress,” Defense Secretary Willie Urban said. If Leipzig lose the second leg against Paris on November 3, the slightest hope of a football miracle is finally over.

What remains of the bitter European Cup night on the Seine? On the other hand, the young RB team pushed the hardships again and failed several times individually. For example, Messi 2-2 (67), when Tyler Adams could not stand the Parisian pressure and help Kylian Mbappe play the ball in the foot. Marsh Bay criticized: “If we make such mistakes” daznMessi and Mbappe are ready.

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