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UFO warning: US plans to release Pentagon findings in June

In mid-May, former US President Barack Obama mocked James Gordon’s “Late Late Show”: “Some things I can not say here about aliens. The truth is – I’m serious – there are pictures and recordings of objects in the sky, we do not know what they are, how We can not explain why they are moving. “

The people of the world will soon find out more: In June, Director of the Secret Service Avril Hines will reveal the secret research of the Ministry of Defense on unknown objects on the plane. Speculation has been waning for weeks, but expectations may be disappointing: instead of Mars men, at least some UFOs could be supported by more terrestrial actors.

very fast

Anyway, the tension is rising. Recently, U.S. Navy pilots reported on objects they noticed on the respectable television show “60 Minutes” on the plane, moving with insane speed and agility.

John Radcliffe, former director of the Secret Service, told Fox News in March: “There are more views than there are public.”

The U.S. Department of Defense has been researching unknown objects or unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) in flight for decades, as the Pentagon calls it. Last year, Congress ordered the release of some findings. While a shorter version of the report will be made public in the coming weeks, Congress will also receive a longer version with more categorized information.

Three videos

The Ministry of Defense has already classified three videos as “unidentified” with items on board. A Pentagon spokesman says mysterious sightings could now have much simpler explanations: it could be weather balloons or drones.
In addition, many variables can mislead the pilot in his view, i.e. the speed of his aircraft, the reflections of sunlight or the weather. So an object that moves really slowly will appear very fast.

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Russian weapons technologies

However, the Pentagon’s research is less interested in whether aliens are actually coming to Earth. Instead, Defense Ministry experts are investigating the question of whether they are handling new weapons technology from rivals such as Russia and China. It would be a dream for world power if potential enemies possessed technically superior military equipment.

“Every report of unidentified or unidentified aircraft intrusion into our airspace is taken very seriously by the Department of Defense and is being investigated,” said Pentagon spokeswoman Sue Koff. “By collecting additional data, we want to close the gap between the identified and the unrecognized and avoid strategic surprises aimed at countering technology.”

The secret

That’s why the Pentagon is so closed in its UFO research: if a new type of material actually comes from another country, the U.S. military does not want to release what they know or do not know about it. In particular it will allow decisions to be made about US capabilities to detect and dispose of such materials.

Luis Elizondo, who worked on the Pentagon UFO program, recently told an ABC broadcaster that some items “exceeded anything in our inventory.” “We know: whatever is in our heaven is real. The question is what it is.”

The New U.S. report in June will answer that question – or may raise even more questions. Euphologists are waiting impatiently.