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Ukraine: Biden wants to move US forces to Eastern Europe soon

Ukraine: Biden wants to move US forces to Eastern Europe soon

The will of the United States according to the president Joe Biden Due to the Ukraine crisis, more US forces will soon be deployed to the Eastern European countries of NATO. It’s about “not many” soldiers, but Biden tied it up. He did not give any details about how many soldiers might be present and where exactly they would be transferred and when. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson He announced, however, to go to the crisis zone.

On Friday evening, she said Johnson would accompany Secretary of State Liz Truss. The exact destination is not mentioned. He also wants to talk to the Russian President Vladimir Putin to the phone. A Downing Street spokeswoman said on Friday that the prime minister was determined to speed up diplomatic efforts and use deterrence “to avoid bloodshed in Europe”. Johnson will urge Russia to withdraw and return to the negotiating table. In addition, according to information from government departments, further sanctions will be imposed on Russia from the British side. The exact time of the flight and the phone call were unclear at first.

US government warning

The US government again warned in drastic terms of the consequences of a possible Russian invasion. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Friday at the Pentagon that one does not believe that President Putin made the final decision to use forces concentrated near the border with Ukraine.

On orders from US President Biden, 8,500 US troops were put on standby Monday to enable rapid transit if needed. Biden has stressed that it is a precautionary measure to address the concerns of NATO members in Eastern Europe. No US soldiers will be sent to Ukraine.

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Macron spoke with Putin

The French president spoke on Friday Emmanuel Macron With Putin, they agreed on the need to de-escalate. This was announced by the Elysee circles after the phone call. In order to reduce tensions, bilateral talks between heads of state – as well as negotiations to resolve the Ukrainian crisis in the Normandy format, mediated by Germany and France – should continue.

During the conversation, Putin renewed Russian demands for binding guarantees of security in Europe, as announced by the Kremlin. These include an end to NATO expansion and the abandonment of offensive weapons near the Russian borders.