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Ukraine crisis: US embassy moves from Kiev to Lviv

Ukraine crisis: US embassy moves from Kiev to Lviv

As of: 02/14/2022 9:37 pm

The United States is moving its embassy from Kiev to the Polish border due to the tense situation in Ukraine. US Secretary of State Blingen said it was only a precautionary measure.

The United States is relocating its embassy in Ukraine from the capital, Kiev, to Liv, near the Polish border. US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen has said the tense situation is a precautionary measure. The “precautions” were for the protection of diplomats and would not in any way undermine US support for Ukraine.

According to the AFP news agency, all US delegates have already left the embassy. The building was closed and the American flag was removed. Blingen said ambassadors from Lviv, 60 kilometers from the Polish border in western Ukraine, would continue to work with the Ukrainian government. He again called on US citizens in Ukraine to leave the country immediately. Diplomatic services must be provided for emergencies in Lviv.

The US government had already announced over the weekend that it would cut its embassy staff in Ukraine to a minimum. The families of the diplomats were ordered to leave the embassy in Kiev at the end of January. Staff who were not needed immediately were allowed to leave the country.

Pentagon: Possibility of Russian attack without warning

According to the US Department of Defense, a Russian attack is possible at any time. CNN spokesman John Kirby said, “I think we should all be prepared for this to happen, with little or no warning.” Kirby said Putin continued to gather troops along the border with Ukraine over the weekend. The number of Russian soldiers now exceeds 100,000.

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But this is more than this number. According to Kirby, there are “impressive weapons of military prowess” if Putin decides to attack.

Meanwhile, US National Guards were withdrawn from Ukraine. However, there is still a “small military presence” in the United States, which is associated with the continued presence of US diplomats. “We will not send US troops to Ukraine,” Kirby said. But Russia must calculate tough sanctions. NATO will be united in the crisis.