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Ukrainian soldiers on the Russian border: "our counterattack"

Ukrainian soldiers on the Russian border: “our counterattack”

Day 81 after the Russian attack on Ukraine:

Kyiv celebrates at least a symbolic success: “This is our counterattack,” the adviser to the Ministry of the Interior said on television. “It can no longer be stopped. In fact, Ukrainian forces reached the Russian border at least at one point as they pushed north from the city of Kharkiv. Video and photos show the troops at the border strip. This is also a strategically important advance for the army in Kyiv: “Thanks to this attack Ukrainian soldiers can stab Russian forces in the rear.”

The successes in the north contrast with the situation in the Donbass in eastern Ukraine. There, Russian forces were able to achieve this through extensive use of artillery and air strikes Slowly turning the front line. This is according to information from the Ukrainian army.

brigade from Kharkiv

According to their reports, the troops on the Russian border belong to a volunteer brigade from the city of Kharkiv. Another video posted online shows soldiers fetching the stake and placing it in front of a ditch marked by Russian border signs.

Ukrainian attack around Kharkiv

The Ukrainian army had already reported in the past few days that it was gradually pushing the Russian forces back near Kharkiv. Russia has already withdrawn its forces from northern Ukraine after stopping them outside the capital, Kyiv.

Russia is focused to the east

Russia is currently focusing on the eastern Ukraine regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, where pro-Russian separatists have been in control of some areas with Moscow’s help since 2014.

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Russia is also expected to build up its forces in Izyum in the south of the country.