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UN calls for 'unrestricted access' to Zaporizhia nuclear plant

UN calls for ‘unrestricted access’ to Zaporizhia nuclear plant

Drin another meaning United nations They urged Russia and Kiev once again to give the green light to the expert mission to the disputed Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. “We reiterate our call on the parties to allow the IAEA mission immediate, safe and unimpeded access to the site,” UN Political Affairs official Rosemary DiCarlo said on Tuesday at a UN Security Council meeting in Washington, New York. She confirmed that the International Atomic Energy Agency renewed its request for a similar operation on Tuesday.

The IAEA mission, backed in principle by all sides, has so far failed due to disagreement over whether the experts were traveling through territory under Russian control or – which would be correct under international law – Ukrainian territory. Two weeks ago, the Russian Foreign Ministry had already raised the accusation that the agreement had been blocked due to objections from the UN leadership. On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the ministry criticized the United Nations again and spoke of a “wrong game by the UN Secretariat”.

DiCarlo said preparations for a mission of experts from a Ukrainian-controlled area to the Russian-controlled nuclear plant were underway but needed approval from Kyiv and Moscow. Meanwhile, de-escalation continues around Zaporizhia with “almost daily reports of alarming incidents at the plant”. Any attack on the station is “suicidal” because of the enormous nuclear danger.

Moscow offers “Guide”.

Russia Ukraine accuses each other of bombing a nuclear power plant. Moscow’s ambassador to the United Nations, Wassily Nepensia, told the Security Council on Tuesday that Russia had sent a letter with pictures as evidence to the most important UN bodies. “We have a full set of this photographic evidence circulating this morning as an official document within the Security Council and the General Assembly.” The message, which is available to dpa, contains 12 photos that are said to show the power station after the bombing on August 20.

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