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UN Security Council rejects Russian biological weapons resolution

UN Security Council rejects Russian biological weapons resolution

subordinate UN Security Council Rejects a decision by Russia to investigate allegations of US involvement in the development of biological weapons in Ukraine. Only Russia and China voted for membership on Wednesday, while France, the United States and Great Britain voted against. All ten non-permanent members abstained from voting.

Russia had called for “the appointment of a committee consisting of all members of the Security Council.” vice Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Dmitry Polyansky Swipe the result of the vote. This is an expression of the “usual colonial mentality” of Western countries. Russia will revisit the issue at the Biological Weapons Convention Review Conference from November 28 to December 16 in Geneva.

“Nobody but China falls for it”

US Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield He responded that the United States voted against the resolution because it was based on “disinformation, dishonesty, bad faith and total disrespect” for the Security Council. “No one falls in love with her but China,” she added.

The United States and Ukraine categorically rejected Russian allegations of developing biological weapons last week.

UN Deputy High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Adeje Ibo It stated that the United Nations was not aware of a biological weapons program in Ukraine and had neither the mandate nor the “technical capacity” to investigate.

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