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Unable to link?  4 reasons why your relationships don’t last long

Unable to link? 4 reasons why your relationships don’t last long

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In every relationship, in the beginning everything is peace, joy, and pancakes. However, when infatuation fades and reality sets in, many couples break up, which is why many relationships fail after only six weeks to three months. There is nothing unusual about that. However, if this happens to you all the time and none of your relationships last after that period, there could be a variety of reasons. We’ll tell you what they are here.

1. You’re afraid of commitment

It takes more than cuteness and rose-colored glasses to make a relationship work. This includes one to form a deep bond and yourself Imagine a future with someone. However, if you suffer from a fear of commitment, then eat it Hard to imagine for youBecause your fear of intimate and loving partnerships prevents you from committing and committing to one person permanently.

2. Your demands are too high

Having certain standards is not only necessary but also healthy. After all, you don’t want to give your heart to anyone, and you’d better spend the rest of your life with that person. do you have However, if the demands are too high, no candidate may be able to meet them.

3. You have trust issues

You may have been deeply hurt and find it difficult to trust anyone. But you may also have noticed a painful detachment in your environment and are afraid of being able to experience the same thing. This is understandable because no one wants to get hurt. However, are your trust issues so severe that they manifest themselves in the form of Pathological jealousy You should pay attention to what is destroying your relationships Take a closer look at the cause of your trust problems.

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4. You find fault with everything

When the initial infatuation ends, it’s normal to suddenly notice things about your partner that no one else noticed before. However, you have To find fault in every little thingit might be you Unconsciously out of the relationship Want and find all kinds of mistakes to justify.