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Unidentified U.S. government plane crashes: Air Force checks security

Unidentified U.S. government plane crashes: Air Force checks security

Der Eindringling verschaffte sich Zugang zu einem Flugzeug diesen Typs auf dem Stützpunkt Joint Base Andrews südöstlich von Washington.

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WASHINGTON – A stranger arrives at a U.S. military base where the president’s plane is parked and has access to a government plane. The incident was “taken very seriously,” Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said. The Air Force immediately launched a global survey of security precautions.

Kirby said security precautions have already been put in place in the affected joint venture Andrews, southeast of the capital, Washington. On Friday afternoon (local time) President Joe Biden flew from there to his home state of Delaware with a government plane, Air Force One.

The intent of the intruder is not yet clear

The man arrived at the site on Thursday and approached the C-40 aircraft, a military version of the Boeing 737-800. The aircraft is clearly identified as a government aircraft due to the blue and white paintwork and the inscription “United States of America” ​​in the capital letters. According to the Luftwaffe, cabinet members and top military commanders fly with it.

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According to US media reports, the unarmed man entered C-40 and was handed over to police in the state of Maryland. It was not initially clear how long he had been at the base. The motive of the intruder is not yet clear.

For Fiden, who took office on Jan. 20, Friday’s flight to Delaware was the president’s first trip home by plane. For shorter aircraft, Biden did not use the larger Boeing 747-200B, but a smaller engine. But it is also known as Air Force One when the president is on a plane. (dpa)