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United States: Attorney General should investigate Trump’s allegations of election fraud

Neighboring countries Emails were published

“Pure Madness” – The Justice Minister should investigate Trump’s allegations of election fraud

Jeffrey Rosen did not give up - not even when it came to investigating conspiracy theories

Jeffrey Rosen did not give up – not even when it came to investigating conspiracy theories

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Recent emails show: US President Trump tried to put pressure on Attorney General Rosen. He wanted the election fraud to be investigated – but the ministry allowed him to be charged.

D.In the last days of the US presidency, Donald Trump and his staff demanded an investigation into allegations of electoral fraud. Departmental emails released on Tuesday highlight how Trump, his commander-in-chief Mark Meadows and others pressured then-acting Secretary of Justice Jeffrey Rosen to call on the Supreme Court to intervene. Rosen did not reject all requests.

The emails, released by the House Oversight Committee, address the principles of disrupting the 2020 presidential election. Across the country, Homeland Security and Justice officials and Republican election officials have repeatedly stated that there is no widespread election fraud. Former Attorney General William Barr, a longtime Trump confidant, said there was no evidence to support these allegations.

In one case, Trump’s general, Meadows, tried to investigate Rosanna’s conspiracy theories. He urged the attorney general to meet with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s confidant, who eventually spread the story that Italy used satellites and military technology to divert votes in favor of election winner Joe Biden.

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Certificate of U.S. election results in the U.S. Congress

Rosen emailed his deputy, Richard Donoghue, who commented with the words “pure madness.” Rosen wrote again that Giuliani had been asked to arrange a meeting between the Confederate and the US Federal FBI. He refused and suggested that the person contact the authorities directly. Giuliani was furious at this response.

“When I asked if I could reconsider it, I refused, saying I would not give Giuliani or his ‘witnesses’ preferred treatment, and reiterated that I would not talk to Giuliani about it,” Rosen wrote.

Employees must file a complaint to the Supreme Court

On December 29, White House aide Rosen sent an e-mail to Donoku and Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Wall with a draft summary for the Supreme Court. In it, the court was asked not to count the votes of the Electoral Commission in the six states where Trump lost. Instead, the court should order a new referendum there.

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One of Trump’s private lawyers urged senior judicial officials to file a complaint in the Supreme Court. Emails indicate that he invited Rosens’ advisers and others to meet again and again. He said he drove from Maryland to Washington department headquarters because he could not meet Rosanna.

“As I said in our phone call, the President of the United States saw this complaint and ordered me to inform Rosen personally last night and discuss filing with him,” the attorney wrote in an email. “I have been instructed to report back to the President this afternoon after that meeting.”

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