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United States - California shooting dead and wounded

United States – California shooting dead and wounded

How he died is still unclear. He couldn’t say anything about the shooter’s motivation either. “We have investigators on the scene trying to find out exactly what happened.” The train depot for light rail vehicles belongs to the VTA. According to NBC News, the attacker was himself a VTA employee. “There was a terrible tragedy today,” said Glenn Hendricks, president of the Ethiopian Station Association. Light rail vehicles will be serviced and sent to the affected facility. The attack did not take place in the operations center. Light rail traffic will be suspended, but buses will be increasingly used.

San Jose Mayor Sam Licardo said the first step was to help those affected by the attack. Next, he will focus his efforts on ensuring that “we never see such a horrific tragedy in San Jose again.”

Firearms are widespread in the United States, and in many places the rules are very lenient compared to other countries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Health Authority recorded a total of 39,707 firearm deaths in 2019 alone – nearly 110 deaths per day. About 60 percent of the cases were suicides.

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