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United States: Department of Defense suspends Mexico’s financial wall

Donald Trump once promised to build a wall along the entire border during the election campaign Mexico Build. His successor is the President of the United States Joe Biden, Announced the completion of construction projects immediately after taking office on January 20th. The U.S. Department of Defense has now implemented this.

The Pentagon Conclusion “All military wall construction projects were funded with money originally allocated for other military purposes,” said Jamal Brown, the ministry’s deputy spokesman. “All necessary steps” have been initiated. The financial suspension of the construction of the wall “shows the continued commitment of this Government to protect our country and to support our military members and their families.”

Trump initially wanted to force Mexico to accept the costs of building the wall, but failed. After Congress denied funding for the project, he declared a national emergency in 2019 and ordered billions of dollars from the Pentagon budget to be diverted to construction projects.

Ministry spokesman Brown said the money was originally intended for: schools for military children, military construction projects abroad in allied countries, and an account of the National Guard and Reserve equipment. The money withdrawn will now be used for deferred military construction projects – according to the military, which was more than 120 in 2019 alone.

Repairing damage caused by Trump wall construction

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security also announced on Friday that it was taking steps to “eliminate physical disruptions as a result of the administration’s approach prior to building the border wall.” For example, in Rio Grande, the flood protection system will be repaired, in which Trump’s wall exploded large holes, as well as erosion San Diego Fixed with a part of the wall.

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A few days before the end of his tenure in office To Donald Trump His efforts to build the wall are still portrayed as a great success story. “I have kept my promises,” the elected US president said during a visit to the Wall in Alamo, on the border with Mexico. Building a wall is a “great achievement”.

The Ministry of Homeland Security announced in early January that 450 miles (about 720 km) of border forts were ready. Most of the time, however, Trump’s border wall replaced only existing and outdated border installations.