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United States: House of Representatives for Abortion Rights

United States: House of Representatives for Abortion Rights

As of: 07/15/2022 8:51 pm

America no longer has a national right to abortion. Democrats are fighting for recovery. A majority in the House of Representatives, but prospects in the Senate are grim.

The House of Representatives in Washington voted to restore abortion rights in all 50 US states. MPs voted 219 to 210 in favor of the plan.

There is currently no nationwide law — and Democrats want to change that. But they do not have the necessary majority in the Senate. There are 50 seats for both the parties.

A patchwork of abortion laws

Conclusion The country’s Supreme Court was in June Abolished the constitutional right to abortion. Since then, state legislatures or Congress have been able to legislate how abortion is allowed or prohibited. A patchwork of regulations quickly emerged. Abortion is now banned in many states.

Democrats are trying to rally around the issue for congressional elections in the fall. Polls predict Republicans will pick up the vote. Abortion rights play less of a role here than the state of the economy combined with inflation.

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