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United States – Robert F.  Kennedy wants to compete in the US presidential elections

United States – Robert F. Kennedy wants to compete in the US presidential elections

In the United States, a member of the Kennedy clan threw his hat into the ring for the presidential election. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced on Wednesday that he wants to run against incumbent President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary.

The 69-year-old’s chances are slim. He is the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy and son of former Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Both men, Robert, were assassinated during his presidential campaign.

The descendant himself admits that some members of his family – one of the most important political dynasties in the United States – do not support his application. Speaking in Boston, he said he would make chronic disease research a priority if elected.

Graft opponents with low chances

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has made a name for himself in particular as an opponent of vaccination. In conservative circles he received encouragement. Under President Donald Trump, despite criticism from scientists, he chaired a committee on vaccination issues. Kennedy said at a January 2022 rally in Washington that American citizens enjoy fewer freedoms than Jews in Nazi Germany during the coronavirus pandemic. He later apologized for his statement. He has been banned from YouTube and Instagram for his views on vaccinations and the pandemic.

Presidential elections will be held in November 2024. Party candidates are decided in the previous months by means of primaries. So far, self-help author Marian Williamson has announced that she wants to challenge Biden for the Democratic nomination. The 80-year-old himself announced on Friday that he wants to run for a second term and will make it official “relatively soon”. On the Republican side, Trump wants to return to the White House. (Reuters)

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