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UNLIMEAT launches in USA with new online store and exclusive offers

UNLIMEAT launches in USA with new online store and exclusive offers

UNLIMEAT has opened its own online store, allowing nationwide distribution in the United States.

Korean meat substitute brand UNLIMEAT opened its online store in the US on November 10th. UNLIMEAT SHOP now offers American customers nationwide products such as vegetarian pork and Korean BBQ, as well as new offerings such as frozen kimbap and gluten-free frozen desserts. In addition, limited editions, collaborative products and items popular in Korea will be offered via the online store.

Earlier this year, UNLIMEAT introduced its pulled pork and Korean BBQ to 1,000 Albertsons stores across the United States. The company supplies a variety of products to natural and organic stores in Northern California. However, the selection of products in stores is limited and not everyone has access to the entire product range.


Co-CEO of UNLIMEAT, Ryan Chung, emphasized the importance of the online store as a dynamic platform to connect with customers, hear their stories and showcase new UNLIMEAT products. He says: “We have proactively engaged with our customers through initiatives such as running food trucks and participating in festivals. Although customers are satisfied with our products, many of them have repeatedly pointed out difficulties in purchasing our products. The launch of this online store is our proactive response to these consumer needs and with our customers. We believe this will be an opportunity to connect with a wider audience.

UNLIMEAT is expanding beyond plant-based meat and seafood to introduce a variety of vegetarian concept products. To celebrate the launch of the online store, UNLIMEAT has planned various special promotions. A discount campaign of up to 50% is planned for Black Friday. Below are the products to find out. Not only will the company gradually expand its discount promotions, it also plans to launch sample boxes and subscription services to introduce new products.

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