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Update: AirTags erhalten Aktualisierung von Apple

Update: AirTags has received an update from Apple

An apple It brings another update to AirTags. the new Programming It will be rolled out immediately and gradually installed on AirTags for users over the next few days. It is not yet known what innovations this new version will bring. The latest AirTags update was released two months ago. It has also developed protections against stalking via AirTags.

Apple is once again updating its AirTags: little tracking discs to locate missing items will receive another software update Apple will roll out starting today. The new firmware is version 1.0.291. The update build number is 1A291a.

Apple released the last update to AirTags two months ago, as we did in one corresponding message informed. It has improved the protective functions of AirTags against stalking, but in the view of many observers, more measures are still needed.

The update for AirTags will be installed automatically

AirTags receive their update automatically. The update is sent to AirTags and then installed as long as they are within range of the iPhone they are paired with. There is no way to start the update manually or to affect it in any other way.

Apple announced an Android app later this year that Android smartphone users can protect themselves from unwanted monitoring with AirTag. However, it is not yet clear when this app will be released.