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Upper Austria: County Chancellor Achleitner – Notice of approval paves the way for Lenzing AG for the largest PV system in open space in Upper Austria

Lenzing AG’s PV system approval notice at the former Ofenloch landfill paves the way for implementation of the largest open space PV system in Upper Austria – Archive photo from left: Lenzing AG DI board member Christian Skilich and Wirtschafts – Energy district council member Markus Achleitner last year during a field inspection in Lenzing at the planned site of the closed landfill Ofenloch.
Photo: Land OÖ / Andreas Maringer, used with source statement

January 15.


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District Economics and Energy Councilor Markus Achleitner: “An important catalyst for Upper Austria’s pioneering role in solar power generation – oö. The fiber group Lenzing AG is constructing a PV system with a capacity of 5,500 MW/h on a former landfill site.

“Upper Austria wishes to expand its leading role in implementing the energy transition through the use of renewable energies. To this end, we aim to increase solar generation tenfold by 2030. The oö. Fiber Group Lenzing. It is not only a leading company in Upper Austria, But it is also an exemplary company in terms of recycling management and sustainability.By building the largest open space photovoltaic system in our federal state, Lenzing AG is setting another milestone toward a carbon dioxide-neutral industrial site.Marcus Ashleitner, state adviser on economics and energy, stresses Notice of approval of the open space PV system at the former Ofenloch landfill by the Spatial Planning Department.Because this legally binding dedication is also the basis for the issuance of the outstanding Nature Conservation Notice.Once the planned modification of the landfill site is received, the fiber group can then create the planned PV system , which will generate 5,500 megawatt-hours of electricity annually.” This corresponds to the annual electricity requirements of more than 1,700 homes and is the largest PV system in an open space in Upper Austria until now,” says a member of the Achleitner Regional Council.

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“Upper Austria is already a leader in solar power generation when compared to other federal states. Last year, 2021, was a record year for PV expansion with an increase of up to 30%. Solar generation has been increased by more than 100MW, both through PV systems In businesses or at home,” state counselor Achleitner emphasizes. The dimensions of the planned photovoltaic system from Lenzing AG are illustrated by the fact that this alone provides a peak of 5.5 MW. Specifically, according to the company, 16,000 units will generate approximately 5,500 megawatt-hours of solar energy annually.

“The PV system will be located in a former landfill. This is also in full accordance with the ‘OÖ. PV strategy’, with which we want to achieve our goal of increasing solar generation tenfold by 2030, because we are based on a clear model for prioritizing when Photovoltaic expansion: Photovoltaic systems should be installed primarily on rooftops, in already built areas such as parking lots and polluted areas such as waste piles, landfills, waste areas, traffic areas or roadside areas,” emphasizes Minister of Economy and Energy Markus Achleitner.

Source: Upper Austria