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URW: Revenge achieved – 2nd Regional League win over Bissamberg/Hollabrunn

URW: Revenge achieved – 2nd Regional League win over Bissamberg/Hollabrunn

URW Women from Regional League Two got three points on the table against Bissamburg/Hollabrunn.

Tweet. 3:0 This is the result of the women in the second regional league. Last weekend, after the 2:3 defeat, only one point was enough on the table, and after a few days there are now three points on the table going to the Waldviertel women’s account.

Coach Mario Huber is happy with the three points, but he also reveals at the conclusion of his speech that he was only satisfied with the team’s performance sometimes:

“Today’s match was more than special. The first set was unusual, as we suddenly found ourselves in trouble again after leading 15-1. In the end, and with great fear, we were able to win with a time of 25:22. Things did not go smoothly in the second set.” Also, even though our opponent had a four-point lead in the final stage, we were able to turn the match around with our strong serves. The third set was the only one we were able to win relatively clearly at 25:20.

With this victory, the local league teams rose to fourth place in the rankings.

He added: After the failed start to the season, we no longer expect to be in the top half of the table before the winter break. “It is better to start the holiday with our first 3-0 win.”

The coach said.

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