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US: $30 million stolen from treasury

US: $30 million stolen from treasury

From a cash savings California Up to 30 million dollars (almost 28 million euros) in cash was stolen. Elaine Morales confirmed that on Easter Sunday, unknown persons entered a building where businesses keep cash in Sylmar, in the San Fernando Valley. custody In Los Angeles Los Angeles Times.

The newspaper quoted investigators as saying that the perpetrators entered the building through the roof of the cash storage facility and gained a secure access. Footage taken from a helicopter by news channel ABC7 television showed a wooden turnpike on the exterior wall of the building.

The theft was discovered only last Monday. Federal authority FBI He is investigating with the police in Los Angeles. Additional details like how the culprits bypassed the alarm system were not initially known. According to police, there was at least one alarm that did not lead to an action – but police did not explain why, citing ongoing investigations.

According to the media, this is the biggest cash heist in history Los Angeles. As stated therein Los Angeles Times In 1997 the largest cash heist to date took place in the Southern California metropolis, with nearly $19 million stolen from the vault. Then the criminals were caught.