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US: 82-year-old swindled $800,000 with fake basketball tickets

US: 82-year-old swindled $800,000 with fake basketball tickets


82-year-old robbed of $800,000 with fake basketball tickets

For years, an American veteran has been trading fake Michael Jordan trading cards. Now he has been charged.


The pensioner allegedly switched or sold cards with the same scam over the years.

US Attorney’s Office

  • For years, an 82-year-old man in the US state of Colorado has made a living selling fake basketball cards.

  • He allegedly sold fake Michael Jordan tickets for several thousand francs or exchanged them for more expensive ones.

  • Raised $800,000 over the years.

By trading with Fake business cards The 82-year-old looks like basketball legend Michael Jordan. State of Colorado, USA Collected more than $800,000 in four years.

The man was arrested in Denver after fraud charges were filed against him in federal court in the borough of Brooklyn, New York, the local attorney’s office said Wednesday. The fraud of the accused goes back to 2015.

Also converted to original trading cards

Among other things, he was accused of selling a fake business card for $4,500 to a victim in Manhasset, New York in 2019. In 2017, he reportedly exchanged two cards for two real trading cards like former football star Tom Brady.

The suspect is scheduled to appear in a Colorado court on Wednesday, with a hearing in New York scheduled for a later date.

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