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US and Russia: Anthony Blingen and Serge Lavrov want to meet in Reykjavik

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrov And his American counterpart Anthony Blingen wants to be on the edge of someone ArcticGo face to face at the summit next week. During a telephone conversation, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that a separate meeting was scheduled for May 20, which would deal with “key issues of bilateral relations and the international agenda”.

Earlier, a meeting of Arctic Council ministers in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, was expected to see a meeting between the two chief diplomats and their presidents. Vladimir Putin And Joe Biden can talk. Putin had something for Biden Proposed summit in the third country, According to his comments in the summer Europe. The Kremlin has so far kept open whether Putin will accept the invitation.

The conflict in Ukraine and the poisoning of Navalny caused a stalemate in the relationship

Relationships between Washington And Moscow Very tense. In an interview with ABC News in March, the new US president, Joe Biden, described Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “murderer.”

This relationship is due to the growing tensions in the Ukraine conflict and Russia’s handling of the detained Kremlin critic. Alexei Navalny Load. Biden has announced a tough course with Moscow after his predecessor Donald Trump It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein.

In retaliation Moscow Hacker attacks and Interference in US elections Was United States Following Biden’s summit proposal, ten Russian ambassadors were expelled and new sanctions were imposed. Russia He responded by expelling ten U.S. diplomats and imposing sanctions on the United States. In addition, the government in Moscow imposed a curfew on top US government officials.

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The two-year presidency will end with a meeting of ministers Island In the primary forum for cooperation in the Arctic. Russia will take the chair for the next two years. The meeting also aims to provide an overview of what the Council has achieved under the Icelandic Aegis. The Arctic Council includes Russia and the United States Denmark, Finland, Island, Canada, Norway And Sweden A.