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US approves sale of 12 Black Hawks to Austria

US approves sale of 12 Black Hawks to Austria

Defense Secretary Claudia Tanner calls the US decision “another important step in our mission to move toward a modern military.”

The US government has banned the sale of 12 Blackhawk Transport helicopters are approved for Austria. “The proposed sale will improve Austria's ability to deter current and future threats,” the US Agency for International Security Cooperation (DSCA) said on Wednesday (local time).

The cost, including logistics and service, was put at $1.05 billion (967.12 million euros).

An additional relay is included in the development plan

Defense Minister Claudia Tanner (ÖVP) noted the US decision in a statement APA “This is another important step in our mission to advance to a modern military. These twelve additional Black Hawk helicopters will further fully modernize our fleet and expand it to a total of 24 S-70s.”

In August, Tanner announced the acquisition of the regiment as part of an Army development plan. An additional relay is included in the development plan. This is made possible by a special budget approved by the government that will provide investments of 16.6 billion euros by 2032. The ministry has already ordered three additional S-70 “Black Hawks” to add to the existing nine aircraft.

So the federal military would move toward a two-navy solution

Tanner explained that the additional helicopters will provide an adequate replacement for future Augusta Bell (AB-212) helicopters – which will operate until 2030. So as the federal military moves toward a two-navy solution, Tanner said, “our helicopter forces will have only two types in the future — which will get us closer to our goal.”

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“The proposed sale will support the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States by helping to enhance the security of an ally that is a force for political stability and economic progress in Europe,” the US agency approved. Improved military interoperability is also emphasized.

Austria will have no difficulty integrating this equipment into its armed forces. There are no known offset agreements for offsetting transactions in connection with sales. As for pricing, DSCA says the actual dollar value may be lower depending on final demand. In parallel with the Austrian decision, US officials approved the sale of twelve more Black Hawks to new NATO member Sweden.