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US cancels flights operated by Chinese airlines

US cancels flights operated by Chinese airlines

China Eastern Airlines flight

China earlier canceled flights operated by US airlines.

(Photo: Bloomberg)

Washington The US is canceling several flights to China as a result of the sanctions dispute against US airlines. From September 5 to September 28, 26 flights of four Chinese airlines will be grounded, the US government said on Thursday. Routes from are affected Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines. This is the US Department of Transportation’s response to the Chinese government’s decision to ground 26 flights. American AirlinesDelta Air Lines and United Airlines are suspending operations due to the impact of Covid-19.

Starting August 7, Chinese authorities have changed their policy of canceling flights if the number of passengers who test positive for Covid-19 reaches four percent of the total number of passengers on a China-bound flight and two flights, the US Department of Transportation said. If the number is eight percent. The US government has repeatedly protested against the Chinese government. The rules would unnecessarily place airlines under the burden of negative screening before boarding their flights from the United States.

Before the latest cancellations, three US and four Chinese airlines operated about 20 flights a week between the two countries, up from more than 100 a week before the pandemic.

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