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US companies reimburse employees for travel expenses for abortions

US companies reimburse employees for travel expenses for abortions

In response to the US Supreme Court ruling, a number of US companies have decided to support their employees. You pay for the expenses.

In light of the long-term abortion ban In an increasing number of US states, many large US companies are offering their employees the opportunity to cover travel expenses to visit another country in the event of a miscarriage.

A number of companies such as chain coffee shops Starbucks Or the online retail giant Amazon Such schemes were in the face of the loom US Supreme Court decision previously promised. distance Supreme court Several other companies announced similar moves to the country’s liberal abortion law on Friday. These include entertainment giant Walt Disney and Facebook’s Meta group, such as “The New York Timesand TV station NBC mentioned.

Patagonia also pays bail for arrests

Not only does it support travel expenses to other US states, Patagonia Outdoor Specialist said Friday (local time) in an article on the LinkedIn portal. The company also pledged to cover potential bail costs for arrested employees and peaceful protesters for “reproductive justice.”

The US Supreme Court on Friday struck down the country’s liberal abortion law. And so the Supreme Court paved the way for stricter abortion laws — including a complete ban. After the controversial decision, many US states have already enacted far-reaching bans on abortion. Others may follow. Some countries have already prepared laws for this purpose. Spontaneous protests against the court’s decision erupted in several US cities on Friday. More demonstrations are expected.

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