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US Congress passes budget – DW – March 23, 2024

US Congress passes budget – DW – March 23, 2024

For a good six months, the only remaining superpower had to make do with interim budgets. As the clock in the Capitol in Washington struck midnight on Friday evening, even one of the unpopular ones threatened. ShutdownsA large part of government work is carried out in it America Still lies. But after the US Senate initially missed the deadline, the chamber of Congress agreed to a budget compromise on Saturday morning.

This comes after a long-running conflict between the ruling Democrats Joe Biden and opposition Republicans. The other chamber of Congress under the roof of the Capitol already agreed to the Senate on Friday. There, in the House of Representatives, the Republican Party has a slim majority.

The now-finally approved US budget for the period up to the end of September is worth 1.2 trillion dollars (about 1.1 trillion euros). At $886 billion, the largest portion of the budget goes to the Ministry of Defense. However, due to opposition from Republicans, the billions in military aid requested by President Biden… Russia attacked Ukraine.

Democrat Schumer: “Our persistence paid off”Image: Nathan Howard/Getty Images

“It wasn't easy, but tonight our persistence paid off,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, said after hours of negotiations. It is good for the American people that a bipartisan agreement has been reached to finish the job.

A revolt by far-right Republicans

A deal with Democrats could have ramifications for Republicans: The House's approval sparked a revolt within the party by far-right Republicans who categorically reject a budget compromise with Democrats.

It was instigated by former president and re-election campaigner Marjorie Taylor Green. Donald Trump is nearby. Green accused House Republican Speaker Mike Johnson of “treason.” According to his own statements, he also demanded his removal.

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Republican Green: “Treason”Photo: Selal Kunz/Anatolu/Photo Alliance

According to Green, this was only a “caution” initially. In his view, the budget package was a democratic budget which he did not support. At the same time, he explained: “We need a new leader.” So was Johnson's predecessor, Kevin McCarthy, in October Abandoned by his own people was

Even though the US fiscal year, which begins in October, is already more than five months old, Democrats and Republicans have been unable to agree on a regular budget at the outset. To prevent a so-called shutdown, they instead passed a series of interim budgets.

The strike means millions of civil servants will no longer receive their salaries. The extent to which a shutdown affects daily life and the economy in the United States ultimately depends on its length. Many ministries and authorities have emergency plans for such a situation – which will now be in the drawer.

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