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US demands transparency from China

US demands transparency from China

The United States has called on China to be open about handling the current wave of coronavirus in the People’s Republic. In a phone call with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi today, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stressed the “need for transparency to the international community” regarding the CoV outbreak in China, according to a US State Department statement.

The talks come amid fears that China is underestimating the scale and severity of the outbreak. China reports only a few thousand infections a day, while foreign experts estimate a million new infections a day. There are also concerns overseas that new virus variants may develop with multiple infections.

Even the Beijing Foreign Ministry’s statement on the call did not mention the coronavirus outbreak. Relations between China and the United States remain tense, although US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping met on the sidelines of the Group of Major Economists (G-8) summit in Bali, Indonesia, and decided to expand dialogue. Again.

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