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US funds are almost used up: Zelensky wants to ask the US Senate for help

US funds are almost used up: Zelensky wants to ask the US Senate for help

As of: December 5, 2023 8:42 am

Ukraine may soon lose its most important donor. America’s financial resources for the country are almost exhausted. Congress must approve the new money. That is why President Zelensky wants to personally address the US Senate.

According to reports from Washington, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky intends to address the US Senate in person to explain the urgency of further US aid to his country. House Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced that Zelenskyj will join a non-public meeting of senators on Tuesday by video. He asked everyone to participate in this “important conference”. It’s about finding out directly from Zelensky what’s at stake.

Schumer urged his colleagues to “do the right thing” and move forward with releasing new funds. If Ukraine falls, Russian President Vladimir Putin will “move on,” he warned. Autocrats around the world will be brave. Ultimately, this is about protecting democracy.

97 percent of the funds were utilized

The US is Ukraine’s main military backer and has already provided billions of dollars. According to the government in Washington, the funds approved by the US Congress for Ukraine will be fully used by the end of this year. This is according to a letter sent by US National Budget Office Director Shalanda Young to leadership in both houses of Congress.

Young listed the funds that have been approved so far that have already been used. The US Department of Defense has already used 97 percent of the funds authorized for Ukraine. The money earmarked for the country’s economic aid has already been completely cut.

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Young: Probability Russian victory increases

If parliament does not act, the government will not have the funds to purchase additional weapons and equipment for Ukraine by the end of the year, or to provide equipment to Kiev from its own military reserves. Young urged Congress to act: “We don’t have the money — and almost no time.” There is no “magic pot” from which funds can be drawn, Young cautioned. If the flow of weapons and equipment from the US is interrupted, it will bring Ukraine to its “knees on the battlefield”.

This not only endangers Ukraine’s victories, but also increases the likelihood of Russian victories. “If our aid stops, it will cause significant problems for Ukraine.” Although international partners have increased their support, they have not been able to match US aid.

Conflict between Democrats and Republicans

US President Joe Biden had already requested a massive billion-dollar package from Congress in October that would, among other things, provide Ukraine with new money. However, the release of new US aid to Ukraine continues to be blocked by internal political disputes between Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress. And Republicans express doubts about supporting Ukraine or rejecting it altogether. The recently passed interim budget again has no new funding for Ukraine.