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US imposes sanctions on North Korea’s spy satellite

US imposes sanctions on North Korea’s spy satellite

The United States imposed economic sanctions on North Korean nationals as Kim Jong Un toured the air force headquarters with his daughter on Thursday. Background: Alleged spy satellite.


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un accompanied his daughter to the command center of the country’s air force, the state news agency reported.

The visit took place on Thursday as part of National Pilots Day, the news agency said.

The US has imposed economic sanctions on the North Koreans

On the same day, the United States announced sanctions against eight North Korean nationals and one organization. The reason for this is said to be the launch of North Korea’s spy satellite on November 21.

In North Korea, the media is reporting images that the satellite has already taken. Military resources and strategic sites are said to have been photographed. However, none of the alleged recordings have surfaced in the media so far.

Charge: Use of prohibited rocket technology

It also said banned North Korean nationals were staying in countries such as Russia, China and Iran US Government Report. A sanctioned body operates in North Korea.

UN The rocket technology was used in the alleged “illegal launch of a military spy satellite” in violation of Security Council resolutions.

US sanctions are aimed at stopping North Korea’s support for illegal activities.

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