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US: Israel responsible for Damascus attack

US: Israel responsible for Damascus attack

According to the US government, Israel was responsible for the attack on the Iranian embassy compound in the Syrian capital, Damascus. Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh made this clear at a press conference yesterday. Asked if the US was involved in Monday's airstrikes, Singh pointed to Israel.

“The US did not attack Damascus. I would like to recommend you to talk to them about the attack by the Israelis,” said Singh. Asked if Israel was responsible was the US government's official assessment, the spokesman replied in the affirmative: “That is our assessment.”

The UN condemned the attack

Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned the alleged Israeli attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria. The UN chief stressed the “principle of inviolability” of diplomatic and consular institutions and their personnel, which must always be observed in accordance with international law, the United Nations announced yesterday.

Guterres called on all concerned to exercise as much restraint as possible. In this already volatile region, any miscalculation could lead to a major conflict, with disastrous consequences, especially for civilians.

On Monday, an airstrike on the Iranian embassy compound in the Syrian capital Damascus killed two brigadier generals and five other members of Iran's powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Iran strongly condemned the attack and threatened retaliation against its arch-enemy, Israel.

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