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US: More casualties after Trump raises border wall – policy

Building an impassable wall for Mexico was one of the most important issues when Donald Trump (75) was president. But instead of stopping illegal immigration, the number of fatalities is only increasing.

In 2019, the boundary fence in the San Diego area was raised to 30 feet. A height to encourage settlers to climb the wall.

But where there is a lot of distrust, even a few more meters will not change anything. Individuals who want to climb the metal barrier with the help of ladders and descend from the American side are repeatedly found.

According to Washington Post So far 16 people have died in the attempt. According to statistics from the University of California, San Diego, no one died this way before Trump began the rise.

If you do not have a ladder, try measuring the wall with your hands and feetPhoto: Mauritius Images / Pacific Press Media Production Corp. / Alami / alami stock photos

After the change, the number of accidents while climbing increased fivefold. “We see injuries we have never seen before,” explains Jay Duset, who heads the study at the university. “Fractures of the hip, spinal cord injury, concussion and other fractures in which the bones also protrude from the skin.”

At neighboring Scripps Mercy Hospital, 16 percent of patients treated last month fell from a wall. Nevertheless, the number of those who try it continues to increase.

The Border Guard in San Diego recorded 16,600 arrests in March – four times the same period in 2019. Construction cost 10.5 billion euros.

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