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US Navy: Lisa Franchetti confirmed as first commander

US Navy: Lisa Franchetti confirmed as first commander

As of: November 2, 2023 11:46 pm

The US president nominated Lisa Franchetti over the summer, but there was a deadlock in the Senate. Chambers has now confirmed the Navy’s new commander-in-chief — the first woman to hold the position and an American public servant.

The US Senate has confirmed Lisa Francetti as the first woman to head the Navy. The Congress chamber voted with a majority of 95 votes and one vote against the 59-year-old commander-in-chief. The appointment of US President Joe Biden has held the top post on an interim basis since mid-August. She is now the first woman to serve on the Joint General Staff of the United States Armed Forces.

Since September 2022, Franchetti has been the Vice Chief of the Navy, as the Navy is known in the United States. Armed Services Committee chairman Jack Reid praised his career path. He proved himself by serving in the Navy. “She took on every challenge thrown at her and excelled at it,” he said. “Admiral Franchetti has been a visionary at every stage of his career.”

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin nominated Admiral Samuel Paparo for the post. However, President Biden ignored this. Meanwhile, Paparo is set to become commander of the Indo-Pacific Command. In addition to Franchetti, the new head of the US Air Force, Gen. David Alvin, was confirmed by the Senate. He succeeded Air Force Gen. Charles Brown and Mark Milley as chief of the U.S. Armed Forces General Staff at the end of September.

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Also prevents substitutions

Austin now welcomes the confirmation of Francesetti and Alvin. At the same time, he complained that the confirmation of “more than 370 highly qualified managers” was still being “unnecessarily” blocked. “As we face a variety of pressing challenges, the most powerful military in history must remain at full strength.”

In the Senate, Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville has been blocking the nomination of several top military officials for months. The conservative politician wants to ensure the Ministry of Defense ends support for military personnel seeking abortions. By his actions, Tuberville alienated many party colleagues.

The House of Parliament usually confirms military officers by unanimous consent. However, individual senators can block this, requiring time-consuming individual votes.