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US: No request to extradite Bolsonaro

US: No request to extradite Bolsonaro

The United States has yet to receive an extradition request against the former head of state after radical supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro attacked a government district in Brasilia. “We have not yet received an official request from the Brazilian government regarding Bolsonaro,” National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said during a visit to Mexico City yesterday by US President Joe Biden. If such a request is made, we will take it seriously.

Bolsonaro traveled to the United States with his family on New Year’s Day, two days before the end of his term. According to a media report, Bolsonaro has been receiving treatment at a hospital in Orlando (Florida, USA) since yesterday. “O Globo” newspaper, with a source close to the Bolsonaros family, notes that the background is abdominal pain, but his condition is not critical.

Angry Bolsonaro supporters besieged Congress and the Supreme Court in Brasilia on Sunday, causing significant damage. President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva accused his predecessor Bolsonaro of inciting his supporters. The former president, who has denied the allegations, condemned the attack on Twitter.

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