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US: Pelosi calls for end to arms sales to Israel

US: Pelosi calls for end to arms sales to Israel

As of: April 6, 2024 11:53 am

Pelosi, the former speaker of the US House of Representatives, has called on her party colleague, President Biden, to stop supplying arms to Israel. Caused by the deaths of Gazan aid workers. Other Democrats also support the cause.

Nancy Pelosi has called for an end to arms sales to Israel. A former speaker of the House of Representatives and a key ally of US President Joe Biden, he joined about 40 other Democrats in Congress. write down Signed by US President and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. It called for an end to arms sales to the Israeli government.

“In light of the recent attack on World Central Kitchen aid workers and the ever-worsening humanitarian crisis, we believe that authorizing arms transfers is unjustified,” the document said. This applies at least until the investigation into the incident is over. “If this attack is found to be in violation of US or international law, we urge you to refrain from providing weapons until those responsible are held accountable.”

The letter also said Biden should influence Israel to provide more aid inside the Gaza Strip and reduce civilian casualties in military operations. To achieve this, planned arms deliveries should not be approved for the time being.

Left Criticism of the Party

The US government's support for Israel has drawn increasing criticism within the Democratic Party. Left-wing representatives of his party, in particular, have recently become increasingly vocal in criticizing the president for being one-sided toward Israel. A dilemma for Biden, says David Schultz, a political scientist at Hamline University in Minnesota. ARD Radio Explained: “He cannot win in the current situation,” said the expert.

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On the one hand, Biden must take into account the Jewish vote, which is so important to him. At the same time, he needs the left wing of the party. “He needs young people. Young voters feel more sympathy — not necessarily for Hamas, but for the Palestinians,” Schultz said.

domestic policy Pressure increases

Domestic political pressure on Biden continues to mount. It has already increased recently, which is why the White House has become increasingly critical of Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu.

But since the deaths of aid workers in the Gaza Strip, more Democrats have also publicly voiced their criticism.