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US President Joe Biden: Qualified Enough for Another Term?

US President Joe Biden: Qualified Enough for Another Term?

Status: 07/28/2022 08:25 am

Joe Biden turns 80 in November. In public events, the President of the United States has not paid much attention recently. Young people in particular are now openly debating whether he should run again.

By Steffen Rudd, ARD Studio Washington

It has been repeatedly observed recently that US President Joe Biden is no longer young. He moves more slowly than before, and he is constantly not paying attention to public events.

The 79-year-old repeatedly has trouble finding words. For example, in a speech introducing new Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson in June. Biden said America is a country that can be defined in one word. And then he forgot what he really wanted to say.

Aside from this flaw, Biden appeared fit, energetic and quick-witted during a press conference on the White House lawn. It was a brilliant and thoughtful speech – but his word-finding difficulties were remembered.

Is Biden still eligible for the presidency?

The clip has been shared online millions of times, often maliciously. Since then, the right-wing conservative media in the US has shown this piece repeatedly. Tenor: Biden is no longer fit to be president.

Elaine Kamarck of the Brookings Institution, a political think tank in Washington, says Biden is not about health. Biden says he’s healthy. “People are concerned about his age. Polls show that. In terms of political content, Democratic supporters are largely satisfied.”

Approval ratings are falling

Biden is also increasingly losing support among his own party supporters. A new poll by broadcaster CNN shows that 75 percent of those who want to vote Democratic in 2024 prefer a different candidate. Among young Democrats, 95 percent prefer someone other than Biden.

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If you ask young people in Washington on the liberal left, the answers are unequivocal: “He’s too old for me. His age doesn’t bother me, but I don’t think he should run again,” says one. girl “He would have better politics if he was younger. He is going to be 80 soon, he has all these health problems and now he has Covid too,” says another woman. “I don’t think he’s the politician he used to be.”

And a third response: “I’d really like to see a little one. There should be an age limit. How should he put himself in my place?”

“A very dynamic colleague and boss”

So far, no top politician in the party has spoken out publicly against Biden’s re-election bid. On the contrary: the US has midterm elections in less than three months. The Democratic Party has a lot at stake — so the party is demonstrably sticking together.

In mid-July, 40-year-old Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was asked at a congressional hearing by Republican Congressman Troy Nehls about Biden’s deteriorating mental and physical condition — after all, Biden had recently fallen in front of a bicycle.

Buttigieg responded — in a nod to former President Donald Trump, who joked that he had never ridden a bike: First, he was glad to have a president who could ride a bike. “Additionally, the President of the United States is the most dynamic colleague and boss I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Biden has no democratic alternative

Nevertheless, a debate began within the US Democratic Party over Biden’s age. There is no sign of a replacement for him within the Democratic Party. Even with vice-president Kamala Harris, the party is not certain to support him.

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Polls also show that if there is another election campaign between Biden and Donald Trump, Biden will be back in the lead as of now.