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US racer Tucker Carlson: “Putin’s plagiarism”

Status: 04/11/2022 05:07 am

What the Russian propaganda is spreading around the world has a major echo chamber on American television: “Fox News” presenter Carlson spreads conspiracy theories every evening – and against American allies.

By Marcus Schuler, ARD Studio Los Angeles

For less than 24 hours, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson murmured about the government of Volodymyr Zhelensky’s Ukraine: “What policies are we defending here? We are defending the regime that arrests its political opponents and opposition, the media is shut down.

The day before the Russian attack, Carlson had said that Ukraine was not a democracy. This country is controlled by the US State Department.

King of the evening odds

The 52-year-old California rating king, through his nightly show on the Fox News TV station. On average, three million Americans play music every evening. The one-hour show – 8pm Eastern – is the most successful television show on American news networks.

The trend against the mainstream, radical statements, always provoke verbal riots, bring in advertisers and set fire to the right-wing United States. For years, Carlson has consistently defended Russian ruler Vladimir Putin – and has always sided with former US President Donald Trump.

He reiterated how “big” it would be if Russia understood each other. Carlson’s show has now become one of the central elements of right – wing conspiracy theories in the United States.

Cross fertilization

The Russian propaganda and the “Fox News” have been fertilizing each other here for weeks. For example, on March 6, Carlson aired a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry. Tener: Ukraine runs military bio-weapons laboratories with US support. “For many years, our government has been financing laboratories working on biological weapons in Ukraine,” he says. “This is not a conspiracy theory. It is true.”

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American Internet companies such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have reduced or shut down Russian state media, and right-wing extremist telegram channels, podcasts and blogs are now spreading Moscow’s propaganda in the United States.

In Russia, state broadcasters love to read excerpts from Carlson’s show.

Intimate interdependence

Nonprofit research groups such as the Alliance for Securing Democracy in Washington have long drawn attention to the close ties between right – wing groups in the United States and Russian, indirectly state – controlled Internet trolls. Both sides have recently fought the vaccination campaign in the United States and sought to raise suspicions.

Frances Hugen, a former employee and whistleblower at Facebook, says that almost every conspiracy myth gets caught up at one point: “When people are repeatedly confronted with untrue opinions, it undermines their ability to engage with other people in the community. Consensus facts.”

Almost a picture

Journalists in the capital, Washington, have also distanced themselves from Carlson. ABC’s chief correspondent Jonathan Carl said a few days ago: “What is being said here is like Putin stealing word for word. This is not just a case, it has been going on for years.”

“Fox News” and Tucker Carlson can live with the disgraceful image. Audience rating and ad revenue are both valid.