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US Raises Vigilance: North Korea May Be Testing Missile Systems

US Raises Vigilance: North Korea May Be Testing Missile Systems

America is on alert
North Korea is testing a missile system

North Korea has ramped up its military operations since the beginning of this year, causing unrest in neighboring South Korea in particular. Now Pyongyang is firing multiple projectiles from rocket launchers. This feeds fears of new nuclear testing.

According to South Korea, North Korea’s military has again fired artillery shells that may have come from a rocket launcher. Civil servants said the armed forces followed the trajectory of the projectiles at short intervals. It could be a rocket from artillery rocket systems.

No details were given on the number of missiles or the location of the missile in the neighboring country. South Korea and the United States have heightened awareness. It was also unclear whether the missiles were fired as part of the North Korean People’s Army’s summer military exercises.

North Korea has conducted several missile tests this year. Often, these are ballistic missiles that, depending on their design, can carry one or more nuclear warheads. Ballistic missiles are usually surface-launched missiles. The country also tested other weapons systems, such as multiple rocket launchers. According to South Korea, North Korea’s military last fired munitions from a rocket launcher in June.

Insecurity in the region has increased since the start of this year due to North Korea’s ballistic missile tests. A UN resolution prohibits the testing of nuclear-tipped missiles. The United States and South Korea fear that North Korea could conduct a new nuclear test at any time. Pyongyang is under severe international sanctions due to its nuclear weapons program.

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