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US says it will take down Russia's fake news network – DW – July 10, 2024

US says it will take down Russia's fake news network – DW – July 10, 2024

The America According to the Justice Department, there is a Russian disinformation campaign Online Service X stopped. are from Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bots were used to help create fake profiles on X, the US Department of Justice said. Bots are computer programs that perform actions without human involvement, for example, can interact with other profiles on social networks.

Authorities seized two Internet domains; US officials said 968 profiles were examined. Russian officials reportedly used the domains and multiple social media profiles to spread the word Wrong information USA and other countries.

Purported US citizens only

Many of these profiles are said to belong to people in the USA. However, operators have news about it Misinterpretations feeling Russia Sent. The motive behind it To sow discord in America and elsewhere. The plan was orchestrated by a high-ranking editor at Russia's state broadcaster RT, financed by the Kremlin and backed by Russia's secret service, the FSB.

X headquarters in San Francisco (archive image): Texts, images and videos – not from people, but from machinesImage: Justin Sullivan/AFP/Getty Images

The head of the FBI, Christopher Wray, said the steps taken by the US now are the first to take down an AI-powered social media bot farm created with Russian support. In bot farms, large numbers of bots and their associated computer and smartphone hardware are linked together.

Fraudulent content every second

With important elections this year – for example in the US in early November – experts are concerned about an increase in cybercrime. Among other things, they worry that AI can be deployed in seconds and at scale Fraudulent content Be able to manipulate people regarding their opinions and decisions.

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