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US sees movement in Russia – dpa

G.enf (AP) – After the summit between the US President Joe Biden Russian President Vladimir Putin has not promised the Washington administration any rapid improvement in relations with Russia.

A government official said Wednesday after talks in Geneva that there were some movements in some areas. However, it will take some time to see if this really leads to results. “It’s different from flipping a light switch.” Putin Biden agreed that the United States and Russia would begin talks on arms control and cyber security.

Konstantin Kozulin, Vice President of the Russian Armed Forces, praised the agreement reached between the leaders of the two countries in the strategic arms control talks. After the summit on Russian state television, Kozhev said that without such talks, the last major nuclear disarmament deal would fail. But now there is a chance that a new contract will come before the so-called new opening agreement. “That’s very good.”

The meeting of the leaders of the world’s largest nuclear powers took place in the secluded Villa La Grange on Lake Geneva. This is the first meeting between the two since Biden took office in January, marking the end of the Democrats’ first foreign trip as US president. In the past, Biden has met with traditional American allies in Europe and attended the summits of the seven major industrialized nations (G7), NATO and EU representatives supported the meeting with Putin.

The relationship between Moscow and Washington has long been strained. The summit took place at the invitation of Biden. The presidents later insisted in separate press conferences that the conversation was constructive. For hours, full-scale topics were covered: in addition to nuclear weapons control issues, there were human rights conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria and Libya, and the United States lamented Russia’s interference in the US elections.

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